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Teenage Virgin

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Starring: Alan Davis, Jamie Ray

Young gay boy Alan Davis has heard through the grapevine that innocent blond Jamie Ray is a virgin! Naturally our raven haired bad boy wants to be the first to get first crack at busting that tight ass. Jamie is raring to get acquainted with some hard dick for the first time ever and Alan is more than willing to do the honors. The look on our young innocent boy is fucking heavenly as Davis down’s the boy’s dick deep inside his warm throat. Alan aims to please an make this sexy virgin’s first fuck memorable. He prepares the blond’s beautifully smooth hole, opening it slowly with his darting tongue. Alan then takes his time, teasing Ray’s rump inch by bareback inch till the boy is fully open and ready to be blasted with his bone. The perfect mixture of pleasure and pain cums across Ray’s innocent face, but by the look of his rock hard hammer he’s enjoying every inch. This kid was built for fucking, but he’s willing to share the wealth. Like a super sexual yin and yang, our blond and brunette flip flop a few times and our virgin is quite the hot twinky top. He definitely has the dick for it! With newbie Jeremy’s big long blond boy boner banging away at Alan’s insides, the two twinks explode and Davis winds up dripping in dick. We think Jeremy will remember his amazing first fuck!

Directed by Max Carter

Release Date: June 30, 2017