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Introducing Garrett Graves

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Starring: Garrett Graves, Josh Brady

We’ve brought out the big gunned Josh Brady to welcome sexy newbie Garrett Graves to the Helix family! Our boys get to know each other as they talk about high school boyfriends, cumming out stories and first times. As an added bonus we find out top guy Josh Brady was a bottom his first time. Really! He wasn’t crazy about it which is extremely exciting for Garrett and his amazing tight ass! Soon our guys quickly move onto hotter topics like their favorite kinks and fetishes! Garrett reveals he loves being choked and finger blasted which is all Josh needs to hear to invite our dirty blonde back to his place. After a healthy dose of dick sucking and some dominant commands by Brady, our top gets Garrett’s ass in the air and devours that delicious derriere. Remembering the twinks favorite fantasies, Brady blasts the boy’s butt with several fingers before asking the horny whore if he “wants the real thing.” He does, and he gets it! Big, bareback and very hard! Josh has a ton of dick to navigate so Graves gets on for a ride but Brady is still in control. Then the bottom is hypnotized by Josh’s jock and lets him hammer his hips upward, slamming his insides. After his hole opens a bit more our boy treats Brady’s boner like a bounce house. Josh likes to keep his boys in complete cock control so he flips the guy, puts one leg up to get good balance and just bangs the hell out of Garrett’s open, aching hole. The ass pounding assault causes an avalanche of hot white beautiful fuck juice that rains down upon Garrett’s gorgeous body and into his hot pink hole from Brady’s big bone. Lucky Josh shoves it back once more but Graves can’t get enough so he slurps Josh’s junk for one more yummy, nasty nut drop.

Directed by Alex Roman

Release Date: July 16, 2017